Friday, July 13, 2012

Smoking - A Hazard To Us All

Yeah, the title makes it sound like I'm going to go crazy anti-smoking on you. Granted I am a non-smoker and feel that anyone that can quit should, that's not what worries me right now.

Due to the crazy heat waves we've been having here in the Ottawa Valley, everything is crazy dry! The lawns all over aren't green anymore, they're brown!

Well this is a recipe for disaster to smokers who simply throw cigarette butts out the windows of their cars, or on the ground as they walk. Bush fires have begun in the Ottawa area and people are being asked to make sure they don't add to this problem!

A good solution for people driving in cars and don't have an ashtray is a bottle or can filled with water to put your butts in. This was quite popular to the smokers in my family.

Also please be careful at your homes! Many houses and stores have been burning down lately. I was shocked to wake up this morning and a home down the street was gone. Perhaps take the time to check around your property for broken glass or anything else that could add to fire risks.

Stay safe everyone! Take extra caution to prevent fires in this crazy dry spell!

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